Industries Served by Our Custom Engineering & OEM Manufacturing Services

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New Standard provides contract manufacturing solutions to several of the leading agriculture brands in applications ranging from industrial farming to the highly competitive lawn and turf care segments. Our stamping, fabrication and assembly capabilities allow for high volume, price sensitive components and for low volume, complex assemblies. Our diversified customer portfolio provides for the ability to handle the agriculture industry’s seasonal demand fluctuations without sacrificing our service levels and high quality standards.

Construction & Mining Equipment

New Standard has provided solutions to leading global OEM’s in Construction and Mining for over half a century.  Our Thermal Products group provides a comprehensive array of oil coolers, radiator modules and other thermal products meeting the highly exacting product standards of the leading OEM’s.  Safety components in the construction segment and new programs in the mining segment have expanded New Standards solutions to this growth area of our business.

construction equipment
hvac unit on a roof


The domestic HVAC markets require suppliers who can achieve excellence in quality and delivery at industry leading prices.  New Standard supplies several leading brands in this fiercely competitive segment with lead times under a week and demonstrated quality and delivery performance that exceeds world class standards.

Packaging & Distribution

The Packaging and Distribution industries have seen unprecedented growth in the last several years as markets have continued to evolve given the shift in consumer behavior and the challenges of global supply chains.  New Standard has been a trusted supplier in this segment and is continuing to grow as we collaborate with new customers to meet their opportunities in this fast-moving industry.

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Power Generation

New Standard provides structural components for literally every retail gas pump in North America.  Our combination of vertical integration in stamping, metal fabrication and assembly allow us to meet the exacting demands of the industry with exceptional performance in service levels, lead-times, quality and cost competitiveness.  Additional work in the power distribution segment with leading global OEM’s gives us the experience, technical competency and capacity to tackle the most challenging product requirements for this industry.

Heavy Truck

With over 60-years of providing critical components to the heavy truck industry, New Standard understands the requirements and the demands of the industry.  Our large capacity stamping operations, highly integrated supply network and highly disciplined production capabilities continue to provide growth in this segment.  We provide chassis components, cosmetic functional components, battery containment structures and a wide variety of other product solutions.  With several globally recognized leaders in this segment as customers, we are confident we can meet your contract manufacturing needs.

semi truck chassis and cab
row of metal frames resting on wooden pallets

Commercial & Industrial

New Standard boasts dozen of customers in a variety of commercial and industrial segments, ranging from precision gauge components to motorcycle components to furniture products.  New Standard’s diversity of manufacturing capabilities have allowed us to bring solutions to a wide variety of industries.  From providing over a million latches for toolboxes each year to the helping a startup furniture company develop a complete line-up of product offerings, New Standard can help you achieve your product solutions with uncompromised collaboration and market competitiveness.

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